The first goal of medical treatments is to preserve or regain function. However, aesthetics is a primary objective in any dental approach. Today, with the techniques and materials available, highly aesthetic results can be obtained.

All the treatments offered at Madrid Dental Institute aim to achieve this.

We also offer options that aim to improve aesthetics. Modern porcelains that do not need metal, micro-filled composites or tooth whitening are some of the aesthetic enhancement techniques that we offer at Madrid Dental Institute.


Not all whitening treatments are the same or carry real effectiveness. At Madrid Dental Institute we offer our Premium Advanced dental whitening treatment, with which guaranteed results are obtained and where the improvement in the tone of the teeth is more than remarkable.

By combining a specific treatment in the clinic with maintenance at the patient’s home, we were able to offer satisfactory results in one hundred percent of the cases.

When carrying out a tooth whitening treatment it is important to know its characteristics and its real effectiveness. Come to our clinics and we will inform you of how to achieve a dazzling smile with all the guarantees.

Smile Design

All good things start with a smile. Have you dreamed of having a movie smile? Would you like to be able to see what your smile would be like before performing the treatment? Now you can.

Thanks to the innovative Smile Design digital treatment from Madrid Dental Institute, we can show you how your future smile will be before carrying out the treatment. In a fast, simple way, without interventions and in just two sessions, in which we will carry out five phases:

  • Diagnostic tests with imaging and video
  • 2D and 3D smile design
  • Initial treatment planning
  • Preparation of the Mock Up
  • Placement of the Mock Up and presentation to the patient

Custom smiles mockup

A beautiful smile not only provides aesthetics but also helps maintain proper oral health and prevent future problems. For this reason, at Madrid Dental Institute we create smiles tailored to each patient, with the advantage that our patients can see how their future smile will be before starting treatment.

Using the Mock-Up technique, we can show how the final result of the various aesthetic processes in the mouth of our patients will be before they are developed.

This is, without a doubt, a magnificent advantage, since in addition to being able to evaluate the final result before executing it, our patients have the certainty that the result will be to their liking and with the guarantee of being able to modify any aesthetic aspect and adapt it to your pleasure.

estetica dental madrid dental institute by sonrisalud

Premium Ultrathin Veneers

A beautiful and dazzling smile gives us confidence and reflects security and elegance in front of those who see us. At Madrid Dental Institute we carry out treatments with aesthetic porcelain veneers to improve your smile and achieve your goal. At Madrid Dental Institute we also have ultra-thin Premium veneers, the most advanced treatment within this specialty.

  • The veneers are made to measure for each patient and are adapted to their pieces with simple, quick and painless interventions.
  • We managed to provide our patients with their desired smile in the most conservative way possible, that is, without carving the natural tooth and without anesthesia.
  • It is a reversible treatment.
  • Ultra-thin Premium veneers are as thin as a contact lens, so they can be placed on the teeth in minimal time and comfortably.
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