There are different types of implants and they all offer positive results, but at Madrid Dental Institute we are committed to durability, firmness and guarantee. Therefore, we have chosen to provide our patients with a Premium implant typology.

Our implants offer greater durability, faster and more efficient integration into the bone, less long-term loosening, and above-average aesthetics. Our goal is your well-being.

Teeth in a day

Have you lost a tooth and after placing an implant you don’t want to wait months to replace it with a prosthesis? At Madrid Dental Institute we offer the treatment of  “teeth in a day” within our discipline of implantology.

In a single session, our team of surgeons and implantologists can place the implant and the new piece, that is, your new tooth.

This means that our patients obtain a very high degree of satisfaction and that their self-esteem remains in a positive state.

With this treatment you will not have to wait and you will be able to maintain an optimal image without showing missing pieces in your mouth, you will continue to smile as you always haved.

Why wait if it can be today?


This is the philosophy of immediate implantology

A technique by which, in a single session, we can extract the damaged piece and place the implant at the same time. In this way, we provide our patients with considerable time savings in their implantology treatment. In addition, thanks to our digital diagnosis through 3D CT we have the guarantee of exact precision in the intervention.

Satisfactory and safe results

Today there are many possibilities (extract the injured tooth and place the implant and the crown at the same time; place implants and fixed teeth at the same time…). Each situation must be studied and proceed with the most appropriate protocol.

implantes madrid dental institute


At Madrid Dental Institute we offer you different types of prostheses, from conventional to the most innovative and advanced.

From combined materials of metal and ceramic to porcelain or innovative zirconia. This last one offers the most advanced results. Thanks to research and advances in dentistry, we can count on this material that offers us firmness, aesthetics and allows us to eliminate any metallic element in the development of a prosthesis.

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