Do you need orthodontics but don’t want to wear braces? Do you think orthodontics is only for children?… Let us give you the solution.
At Madrid Dental Institute by Sonrisalud we offer you invisible orthodontics.

An orthodontic treatment through which, with almost invisible aligners, we can correct the position of your teeth and achieve a perfect smile. This treatment stands out for its effectiveness and comfort. Through the aligners, which are periodically replaced.  You can remove them to eat or rest.

You no longer have an excuse for not wearing orthodontics, we have the treatment for you. Come to Madrid Dental Institute and our specialized team of orthodontists will analyze your case.

ortodoncia invisible sonrisalign en madrid

We design perfect smiles

Having complexes seriously damages our self-esteem and the loss of confidence negatively influences our happiness.
Many people previously rejected orthodontics because they did not want to wear metal braces that they considered unsightly, but thanks to the arrival of invisible orthodontics, the fear of smiling is over.

At Madrid Dental Institute by Sonrisalud we are specialists in Invisible Orthodontics in Madrid and we want you to never hide your smile.
In addition to guaranteeing the same results as any other type of orthodontics, invisible orthodontics offers some very important advantages to consider.
To begin with, the reduction of treatment time and also the reduction of visits to the dentist.

Following the guidelines imposed by our invisible orthodontics specialists  you will only have to come in for periodic reviews to check the results. This is because invisible orthodontics do not have small metal parts that can come off or injure the mouth.

Another very relevant detail is that it improves oral aesthetics during treatment. The biggest problem with traditional orthodontics was the sacrifice of the aesthetics  smiles during its application. This is not the case with invisible orthodontics, as it is practically undetectable when worn.
And it can also be removed completely when necessary for certain social situations.

If you want to get the best invisible orthodontic treatment in Madrid, come and visit us at our dental clinic at Calle del Poeta Joan Maragall, 15.
Get a perfect smile in less time than you expect.

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